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I am a professional counselor, educated in United States and experienced in working with individuals, couples, and groups. By today I have been counseling for over 7 years in various settings, including on-line. I specialize in art-therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, symboldrama, psychodrama, and dream analysis.

I am a thinker, a writer, an artist, and a spiritual seeker. I learned to live according to my heart. I have first-hand knowledge of complicated life situations and psychological pain, which I addressed, found answers and solutions, and now help others on this windy road to inner stability and a genuinely productive life.

If you are looking for affordable mental health counseling, it is right at your hand. You can receive a high quality counseling service for the rates which will pleasantly surprise you. I work with individuals and couples to address and treat emotional disorders and raise their level of psychological well-being. By today counseling by Skype is very popular and is recognized as a legitimate source of psychological help.

Learn more about me and my methods of work

Подробнее обо мне

How it works

Each one of us from time to time encounters moments in life, when old patterns of functioning stop working, and the state of stability and peace leaves us. There is a myth that only weak or ill people seek counseling help. That is not true. Most frequently, a view from aside (or above) helps to look at the situation differently, in a new way. This makes it possible to find the right – sometimes unexpected – solutions, resources and meanings, make the right chahges, and restore self-confidence and inner balance.

Personal approach

I synthesize a unique way of working with every client

Unconditional acceptance

presence, compassion, and analysis of your feelings


the information you share with me will never be heard by anyone else


Your request is addressed in a process of dialogue, to which we add different methods of working with the symbolic field: drawing a picture, composing a story, writing a letter, or some other. If you have dreams, they also are a great material to work with. Sometimes I ask you to close your eyes and imagine certain things. All these methods allow reaching your subconscious mind, which for the most part is the reason why people get stuck in dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, and believing.

The goal of the therapeutic process is creating a new approach to the situation at hand, and finding new inner and outer resources. Psychological pain is a result of shortage in understanding and actions. Together, we will uncover, what is the Life’s message that keeps knocking on your door through this situation. I wish you good luck in finding your way to yourself!

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